Essex County Seal

Latane-Customs House: This old brick house is believed to be older than 1750 when its first recorded owner was Archibald Ritchie. It is located on Slip Lot 77 and in early times adjoined the Rappahannock River bank where its basement floor is still just above high water mark, while the rest of the building is two stories above this, with a dormer roof.

In 1786 Port of Tappahannock was established and Lawrence Muse was Collector of Customs for both the Town and County of Essex; and he lived here. This was also the home for many years of the late Allen Douglas Latane who was a long time owner and editor of the Rappahannock Times, the weekly newspaper, and Clerk of the Essex County Circuit Court. It is now the private home of William J. Viverette.


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