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St. Margaret's Hall, Wright-Gordon: This house is now the center part of a much larger building, as school wings were added on each end in the 1920s; but the original structure can still be observed on the exterior by the four large chimneys and original roof lines. The interior is substantially intact and has withstood the footsteps of young girls for the past 50 years.

The original home was built by Dr. Thomas Gordon on a tract that was originally the Coleman plantation. It was later acquired by the William A. Wright family in 1850; then acquired again by the Gordons and in 1876 by the late Judge Thomas Roane Barnes Wright, whose family in the middle 1920's sold it to start St. Margaret's Episcopal Girl's School. The large, high ceiling rooms with double parlors and fireplaces together with front and rear columned porches add both charm and atmosphere to the school.



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